Create APL from APL Blueprints


This document aims at guiding users to create APL Blueprints and also to create APL from the blueprints. To perform various steps on the VoiceWorx platform, this document will help you how to do efficiently and effectively.


The VoiceWorx platform allows platform admin to create APL Blueprints (Templates) and is shared among all the users within the organization. One can create APL from the blueprints and customize values as per skill requirements and implement such APL across the skills.

APL Blueprints Creation

There are few steps to follow and as below:

Step 1: Create reference APL content

Firstly, one need to create an APL content, with reference to which blueprints will be created further.

Note: While creating APL, one can also enter the placeholders for customizing the values instead of using static values. There is specific way to enter the placeholder. For example, look at the below image.

Step 2: Create APL Blueprint

To create new APL Blueprint

  • Click on “Add New APL Blueprint” button.

  • It’ll popup the add APL blueprint modal.

  • On the APL Content field, find and select the previously created reference APL content.

  • Fill all the fields and click on the “Save” button.

  • It’ll navigate to APL Blueprint list.

  • One can filter the APL Blueprints by selecting the content category “Select APL Content Category” select option on the page.

APL Content from APL Blueprints

There are few steps to create APL from the APL Blueprints:

  • Firstly, you need to navigate to APL Blueprint Page.

  • You can filter the blueprints content category wise.

  • Tap the image on the left side on the list, to preview the APL design.

  • Select the best suitable one as per your requirement and click on the “Create New APL” button to create new APL content.

  • Clicking on the “Create New APL” button will navigate you to new page.

Note: Placeholders created on the reference APL content will displayed here as a input parameter while creating APL content from the APL Blueprints.

  • Enter all the values and click on the “Create APL Content” button.

  • Newly created APL then can be shared among different skills.

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