User Management & Roles in a VoiceWorx Organization


The objective of this document is to assist platform admins for role management and user management in the VoiceWorx platform.


Our goal is to help the Platform Admins, Organization Admins and employees for user management, their role management, and managing their rights for access, and modification in the platform. These instructions will walk through the whole process of inviting a user to the platform, assigning them roles and managing their access rights and edit rights.

How it works?

The admin can invite potential users to register into the VoiceWorx platform to let them explore the functionality provided by VoiceWorx. The following documentation requires that the user has a role assigned as ‘Platform Admin’ and has correct credentials to log into VoiceWorx. The user can sign up for the VoiceWorx platform from here Sign up for VoiceWorx platform. Similar feature is accessible by the Organization Admin as well, but the access of Organization Admin is limited within their own organization only, while the ‘Platform Admins’ have control over all the organizations and their employees registered under the VoiceWorx portal.

Roles Supported by VoiceWorx:

  1. Platform Admin

Platform Admin provides highest level of control under VoiceWorx, assigned to VoiceWorx platform regulators. They manage the setup screens, perform user management, monitor the blueprints and templates, and provide technical support to customers.

  1. Organization Admin

When a user registers to VoiceWorx under a new organization, the user is automatically assigned the role ‘Organization Admin’. An Organization Admin can invite its employees to join the VoiceWorx portal and has permission for their role management. Organization Admin also has access to view and monitor the activities of its employees, and also can keep track of the most popular apps, most popular app intent under their organization.

  1. Employee

When an Organization Admin invites users to join the VoiceWorx platform, and the invited users accept the invitation, they are registered as employees of the Organization. They have limited access in comparison to the ‘Org Admin’. They however will be able to access their own activity logs and their most used app and intent.


A VoiceWorx Platform Admin Account and respective credentials.

Invite Users to VoiceWorx Platform

  1. In the resulting popup, provide user details for whom you are trying to invite. Provide First Name, Last Name and a valid email address and click “Send Invite”.

  1. The user will receive an invitation email. (Example is below). The potential user can register on the system by following the link provided in the email.

Users accepting Invitation & Registering into VoiceWorx account

  1. On Clicking ‘Click here to register’ on the invitation email, the user is directed to the VoiceWorx registration portal. Fill up the details as shown below, and click on ‘Register’.

  1. On successful registration, a confirmation email is sent to the user. User also receives message that guides them to check email for confirmation.

  2. The user then can click on the link in confirmation mail they receive to proceed with VoiceWorx portal.

Platform Admin Managing Users

  1. The Platform Admin shall be able to access the view and manage the invited users from Manage Users submenu in Manage Platform menu. The field ‘Email Confirmed’ denotes whether the invited user has accepted the invitation and registered in the system. ‘Tick’ mark denotes the user has already registered. Email confirmed not ticked denotes that user has not yet registered in the system. They can be re-prompted to register by clicking on ‘Resend Activation Link’. Clicking ‘Resend Activation Link’.

Modify User Role

  1. The newly registered users shall be assigned role ‘Employee’. The roles assigned to users can be viewed from Assign Role sub-menu from ‘Manage Platform’ menu. Roles can be edited by user by clicking ‘Edit’. This menu is accessible to Organization Admin and Platform Admin only.

  1. The Platform Admin can choose among the available set of ‘Role’ and click ‘Assign’.

  1. Platform Admin can also delete the role assigned by clicking ‘delete’. A single user might be assigned multiple roles, and Platform Admin can add and delete roles from ‘Assign User Role’.

Unlocking a User by User

  1. A VoiceWorx user account gets locked after 5 invalid login attempts.

  1. A locked account can be recovered by clicking ‘Click here’ in the step 11. The user will be required to enter a verification code sent to the registered email address for unlocking.

  1. The user shall receive following confirmation after the user is unlocked.

Unlocking a User by Platform Admin

  1. If a user fails to unlock a locked account, the Platform Admin can be contacted for unlocking the account.

  2. The Platform Admin can access the locked users from ‘Locked Users’ menu in ‘Administration’ menu. The list displays all the locked users for the particular organization. Users can be unlocked by clicking on ‘Unlock’.


You have successfully completed creating user management roles in VoiceWorx Organization.

Difference Between an Invited User and Self-Registered User

Invited user is a limited user and has the least permissions. This user is not an Organization Admin so will not have admin rights. On the other hand, when the first user registers, that user becomes the organization admin for your organization or company.

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