ServiceNow: Connect to VoiceWorx

  1. After logging in, a default instance should have been automatically set up as discussed in this document.. Click on the dropdown menu near profile, you will be able to access following screen.

  1. Click on Start Building.

  2. ServiceNow displays the ServiceNow management homepage.

  1. the left panel, click on the “Filter navigator” and enter “Application Registry”. You will note the searched results below the System OAuth and then click on the menu “Application Registry”.

  1. Once selected, the page displays available registries. But you need to create a new registry. So, click the “New” button.

  1. Now, select the kind of OAuth application you need. Click the “Create an OAuth API endpoint for external clients” link.

  1. You must create a new record for your Application Registry. So, fill all the required fields and then “Submit”.

The values for the fields must be as follows: -

Name: SmartOffice

Client Secret: < Any value >

Redirect URL:

Logo URL:

  1. Now, the newly created record will be available in the Application Registry.

Note: The fields “Client ID (Key)”, “Client Secret (Key Secret)”, “System Instance Name” and “URL” are required in further setup steps as well.

  1. Now login into your VoiceWorx account. On the left navigation, on Administration menu, Click on Connection Admin.

  1. On the available instance connections, click on Configuration for ServiceNow.

  1. This section allows organization administrators to configure various enterprise services like office365, Amazon Connect, ServiceNow etc, so that administrator could centrally manage the enterprise solutions.

  2. Fill up the details and click on Go to Connect System.


Key: ClientId from ServiceNow

Key Secret: Client Secret from ServiceNow

System Instance Name: Instance Name

URL: Developer URL from ServiceNow as shown here

Note: Please note that ServiceNow instance is released after 10days of inactivity and you might need to restore the instance for further use. On doing so, the developer URL is changed. Hence, you shall also edit the developer URL in VoiceWorx portal once the ServiceNow instance is restored

  1. You will get a notification that the new settings have been successfully submitted or will need to be corrected and resubmitted. After the configuration is complete, now you will be redirected to create an integration configuration.

Click on Add New Connection.

  1. The connections created from here use the configuration set in previous steps.

On Clicking connect system, the system administration will be prompted to allow access to the developer instance in SeviceNow.

Enter the login credentials and click “Login”.

  1. After a successful login to ServiceNow, SmartOffice would request to connect with your ServiceNow instance. Click the “Allow” button. Connection of VoiceWorx portal with ServiceNow will be successful after the access has been allowed as shown below:


  1. Your ServiceNow integration is now available for use in VoiceWorx portal.

Other employees of your organization can also use the ServiceNow instance by creating integration configuration in their VoiceWorx account. They do not need to do Configuration Setup once Organization Admin has set up the connection as in Step 14.

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