Sign Up to Pay For & Subscribe to VoiceWorx Services via AWS Market Place


This document will demonstrate how users seeking paid SaaS services can sign up for VoiceWorx and purchase and pay for services via the AWS Market Place.


Our goal is to demonstrate how to sign up for on the VoiceWorx platform via AWS Market Place.


The following shows the general steps/activities that will be carried out in setting up this integration. Note: It is advisable to use same email for signup across the 3 channels below. Steps 1 - 3 below are mandatory.

  1. Sign up for AWS account here

  2. Ensure you Login With Amazon (LWA) account is setup by your admin. If you are the account admin, you can follow this instruction to set it up.

  3. Subscribe to the SmartOffice Skill in AWS Market Place with the same email used for signup on Alexa and AWS in step 1 and 2 above

  4. Register on the Voiceworx platform

  5. Test the Alexa skill.

Subscribe to SmartOffice on AWS Market Place

  1. Search for smart office

  1. Select Smart office for Alexa Skills

  2. Click “Continue to Subscribe” on the resulting screen

You may be redirected to the sign in page. Please sign in if you are prompted.

  1. Set the number of users – for this guide, you can set the number of users to 1

  1. Click create contract.

  2. Click on “Pay Now”

  1. Click on Setup “Your Account”

Register Your Market Place Email on Voiceworx Platform

Note: If you have already registered on the Voiceworx platform with your AWS account email, you will not be asked to confirm your email but will be redirected to the login page. Otherwise, a completely new voiceworx account will be setup for you, using your AWS email address. Please ensure the email address provided in this registration step matches your AWS email.

  1. Clicking the Setup button as shown in the image above, will redirect you from the AWS marketplace screen to the Voiceworx AWS client registration page on the Voiceworx platform.

  1. Fill in the required fields and click register.

  2. A confirmation email is sent to the email address you provided in the registration step above.

  1. You will see the email confirmation screen once the

  1. You can now login to your new account as a subscribed user.


You have successfully signed up for and subscribed to VoiceWorx Services via AWS Market Place.

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