Okta SSO Login Basic Information

Create Okta App Integration:

First step is to create an Okta app integration that represents your web application.

  1. Sign in to your Okta Organization with your administrator account here. If you do not have Okta account, click on Sign Up.

  1. Fill in the details and click on Sign Up.

  1. Verify your email address.

  1. Login to the business email you used for sign up and click on Activate on the received mail.

  1. The link redirects you to reset your password. Reset the password and you’ll land to the Okta developer dashboard.

  1. Click on Applications in Application menu in the left-navigation, and click on Create App Integration on resulting screen.

  1. Select OIDC as the Sign In Method and Web Application as the web type. And click on Next.

  1. Fill out following details:

  2. This shall now provide you with the Client Id, Client Secret and Okta domain.

These are required information for integration with VoiceWorx.

Save these for later use. Anyone willing for Okta SSO integration with VoiceWorx shall provide this information to VoiceWorx.

Configuration at VoiceWorx Okta Account.

  • Now add a new Identity Provider (OIDC) and provide information from above step. Login to VoiceWorx Okta Account and on the Security menu, Click on Identity Providers.

  • Click on Add Identity Provider and then select Add OpenID Connect IdP in the dropdown.

  • Fill in Client Id, Client Secret and Okta domain provided by client from the above setup.

Name : VoiceWorxTest

Client ID: *******

Client Secret: *******

Issuer: *******

Authorization Endpoint: *****

Token Endpoint:******

JWKS Endpoint:*****

User info Endpoint:*****

Click on Add Identity Provider.

  • Add a new Identity Provider (OIDC) and provide information, which is provided by the Okta client, as shown below

On Save, we will get IdP ID – as shown below.

This information now has to be used to integrate VoiceWorx with Okta. The values have to be used in the config file to implement Okta SSO Login with dedicated VoiceWorx service.

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