VoiceWorx Account : Locked Unlock Process

Locked Account - Unlock Process

As part of our HIPPA compliance and internal security protocols, the VoiceWorx platform locks a user account after multiple failed login attempts and also provides a way for the user to unlock the account. This unlocked user account procedure does not require approval from an administrator.

Step: 1 User account gets locked due to multiple failed login attempts.

User should see a screen as shown below.

Note: The maximum number of failed login attempts is configurable by the administrator. By default, it’s 5 attempts.

On this screen, a link is provided to unlock the account. At the same time, user receives an email stating that account is locked, and a link is provided so the user can follow it and unlock the account.

There are total three different ways to unlock an account. These are explained below.

When a user clicks on the link, they should get a screen with option to enter the email as shown below.

After submitting, an email is sent with a verification code. The User can enter that verification code and submit.

The account unlock email should look like the sample below.

If the correct verification is code provided, the account gets unlocked.

You shall also get confirmation message in your email such as this.

Option#2 Organization Admin unlocks the account.

The locked account’s user contacts their organizations admin and requests their account be unlocked.

The Organization admin logs into the VoiceWorx platform and goes to Administration > Locked Users, this will give a list of all the locked users for that organization.

See the following screenshots.

By clicking the “UnLock” button, the account will be unlocked and user sign in with the old password.

Option#3 – Account gets unlocked after 30 days.

If no one takes any action, then locked account will be unlocked by itself after 30 days.

Note: The number of days (30) is configurable from by the administrator. The default value is 30 days.

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