Login with Amazon Setup


This document will guide the user through a series of step on how to setup a Login with Amazon integration.


Login with Amazon provides Amazon user name and password to sign in and share information with participating third-party websites or apps. This enables the user to publish apps from the VoiceWorx Platform to the Alexa Developer Console.


  1. To set up an Amazon Developer account, visit https://developer.amazon.com/. Click on sign in. If an account already exist skip to step.

  1. Select create your Amazon Developer account (Create New Account).

  1. A verification code will be sent to the email entered. Enter the code in the screen that will appear below.

  1. Complete the information as shown in the next two images.

  1. Click “submit”.

6. Select the services of interest. Then click “Start Exploring”.

7. Click “Login with Amazon Console” in the top menu.

  1. Click Create a New Security Profile.

  2. Add Security Profile Name, Security Profile Description and for the Consent Privacy URL: You can use https://www.voiceworx.ai/privacy.html

  1. Click the gear Icon in the resulting screen and select Web Settings

  1. To add allowed Origins and Allowed Return URL, click the Edit button as shown in the image below

  1. Fill in the following details:

Allowed Origins: https://portal.voiceworx.ai

Allowed Return URLs:





  1. Click “Save”.

  2. Login to the VoiceWorx portal on https://portal.voiceworx.ai/

  3. On the left navigation menu select “Integration” then select “Connect Systems”.

  1. Click “Connect External Systems” or the green circular button with a plus (+) sign.

Select or enter the following:

Integration Category: Custom

System Type: Login With Amazon

Click: Connect System

  1. Add any descriptive name in the “Your LWA Instance Name Here”.

  2. Click “Login with Amazon”.

  1. Click “Allow” to sign in.

  1. Once signed in then a success message will appear after being redirected back to the VoiceWorx platform.

Congratulation! Your Login with Amazon Setup is now complete.

An account is now enabled to publish apps to Alexa with one button

on the VoiceWorx App publish tab.

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