Microsoft Office365 AAD

VoiceWorx supports Integration with Microsoft Office Azure Active Directory and also supports few AAD Managed APIs.

  1. Microsoft Office365 Configuration in VoiceWorx

Make sure that you follow this document to configure Office365 configuration in VoiceWorx.

At this point, you should have successfully connected integration with Microsoft Office365 AAD. To confirm, you can navigate to Integration > Connect System. You shall have a connection of type Office365 AAD there as shown below:

If not, you shall go through Step 1 again and confirm that all the steps have been followed thoroughly.

Create Custom App:

  1. Go to Custom Apps > Manage Apps in left navigation and click on Create New App. Provide the following details to create an app.

Name: Azure AAD Demo

Custom App Type: Search

Category: Default


  1. Next step is to prepare data source for the App. Select the newly created App and go to Data source tab. Click on Create New Data Source and fill in the following details:

Name: Amazon AAD DS

Integration Configuration: Microsoft Office365AAD (make sure to select the integration created in at the beginning of the document)

Click on Save.

Our next step is to create methods.

Create Methods:

  1. VoiceWorx at the time of this document compilation supports 3 Managed functionalities;

  2. GetUsersInOrganization

  3. GetGroupsInOrganization

  4. GetUsersInADepartment

For this document, we are implementing GetUsersInOrganization Method.

Click on Create New Method and fill in following details:

Name: GetUsersInOrganization

RequestType: GetUsersInOrganization

Parameters: No Parameters

Result Type: ListOfRecords

Record Limit: 10

Record JsonPath: $.value[*]

Valid Result Template: Here are the users in the organization : {{Records}} How else can I help you?

Record Template: {{mail}}

Empty Result Template: Sorry, no user found in the organization. How else can I help you?

After you’ve created the method, you can save and test it. You shall expect following output..

If you have not received the output as shown above, there is some issue with your app building. You need to revise the steps that you’ve completed yet.

  1. Now, Go to the Intents tab and click on Create New Intent.

  1. Now, Create Utterances in the Utterance tab. Utterances are short keywords used to invoke the intent.

Value: list all users

Custom App: Azure AAD Demo

Intent: GetUsersInOrganization


  1. The next step is to create Input corresponding to the Intent. Go to Input tab, click on Create New Input and provide following details in the resulting screen.

Name: GetUsersInOrganizationInput

Custom App: Azure AAD Demo

Custom Intent: GetUsersInOrganizationIntent

Data Source: Amazon AAD DS

Data Source Method: GetUsersInOrganization

Click on Save.

  1. After the components of the app have been build, let’s publish the app to any of the VoiceWorx supported channels. In the Publish tab, click on Add App Publishing.

External App Name: Azure AD Demo

App Type: Search

Channel: Alexa

Skill Invocation: active directory Demo

Messages: All messages shall auto-populate. If not, you can edit and customize them to favor your business requirements.

Auto Publish: Checked


  1. Select the LWA account and click on Publish to Alexa

  1. On Success, you shall observe following screen. This means that the custom app has been published to the Alexa developer console. Now, Click on Go to Alexa Skill and test the skill if it is working as per the required functionality.

Congratulation!!! You have successfully completed VoiceWorx integration with Microsoft Office365 Azure AAD.

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