Lex QA Bot using Blueprint


This document aims at guiding users to create a QA skill and publish to Lex by using QA Lex Blueprint.


  1. Log in to voiceworx.ai

  1. On the left navigation menu, click on App Blueprints menu on Apps.

  1. The VoiceWorx blueprint library offers users with a wide range of ready to use app templates. For this document, we are exploring the Getting Started section. The Getting Started section features the App Blueprints that users can use to create runnable apps across different platforms.

5. QA Lex is a Q&A app blueprint, targeted to assist users to create an app to be published to Amazon Lex. Click on the Create App button.

6. On the resulting screen, provide the app name and click on Create app.

7. The Create App process has 3 steps. These steps allow the user to customize the content of their app and entity types. Content can be text, files, multimedia like images, video and APL content.

8. Proceed with the steps and Click on Submit on the final step.

9. The portal then notifies you of the status of App creation. On Success, you are provided with the details of App Creation as well as the option to Customize or Publish the app.

10. Since this document is targeted for beginners, let us skip the Customize part now and let’s publish the app to Amazon Lex. Publishing an app to Amazon Lex means that you can now access the app that you just created from your Amazon account.

11. Click on Publish App. This leads you to the Publish tab of the App you just created.

12. Publish tab allows users to set up a request to publish the app to numerous VoiceWorx supported channels like Amazon Alexa, Amazon Lex, Amazon Chime, Google Assistant, Teams, Slack, etc. to name a few.

13. The above blueprint has a default Amazon Lex publish set up so, without any much work, click on 3 dots in the Action menu and click on publish to Lex.

16. If you do not have an LWA account already setup in VoiceWorx, you can add your LWA account by clicking on the Add New Lex Account button.

17. Click on Publish to Lex V2. You will be notified of the Publish status of the app in the following screen.

18. Upon success, you can see the above screen.

19. Now to test the bot, you can either use Test Lex Bot to test the bot within VoiceWorx platform or click on Go to LexV2 console which will direct you to Lex V2 console for testing the bot.

20. Here, let’s click on the Test Lex Bot button. It will open up a chat window.

19. Invoke the skill by ‘open VoiceWorx assistant’ and follow as guided in screen below.

Congrats, you have successfully created and published the Q&A Lex app using Blueprint.

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