Create App Using App Blueprints


This document aims at guiding users to create skills by using App Blueprints published by the platform admin.


VoiceWorx provides a platform for a wide range of customers to integrate their already existing enterprise solutions to Voice channels. It might be difficult for customers to jump into the overall process of the VoiceWorx portal to find the capability and functionality provided by the platform. App Blueprints are created and published by the platform admin. Potential customers and new customers can use those templates to create an already working app on their account with only few clicks. They will be able to get used to how the platform works and also provide necessary feedback for customization on their skill sets.

This document demonstrates on how a user can create an app out of app blueprints, modify them and publish them to voice and chat channels.

How it works?

Depending on the communication channel you are planning to use, for instance, Alexa or Lex, you shall have a developer Alexa account for Alexa and an active AWS account for Lex.

For Alexa

The following shows the general steps/activities that will be carried out in setting up this integration. Note: It is advisable to use same email for signup across the 3 channels below. Step 1 -3 below are compulsory.

  1. Ensure you Login with Amazon (LWA) account is setup by your admin. If you are the account admin, you can follow this instruction to set it up.

  2. Create a custom App in VoiceWorx using App Templates.

  3. Publish the skill

  4. Test the Alexa skill.

For Lex

  1. An active AWS Account

You should have an active AWS Account. If you do not have it, you can create an AWS account at

AWS Accounts Include 12 Months of Free Tier Access

  1. Access Key, Secret access key and AWS Region Name To be able to connect to Amazon Lex from the VoiceWorx platform, one IAM user is required and user should have the required permissions to access Lex service.

Following is a json document which you can use to create an IAM policy and assign it to the IAM user in the AWS console.


"Version": "2012-10-17",

"Statement": [


"Sid": "VoiceWorx",

"Effect": "Allow",

"Action": [





"Resource": "*"




For more information on creating IAM users and assigning policies, refer to the AWS official documentation

You can also refer to the simplified VoiceWorx documentation at

  1. Create a custom skill in VoiceWorx using App Templates.

  2. Publish the skill to Lex

  3. Test the Lex skill.


  1. A VoiceWorx Account

For steps to create a VoiceWorx account, follow the steps at

  1. At least one App Templates published by the Platform Admin. You can refer to following document to inquire on how a platform admin can create App Blueprints.

App Publishing as Template

Following are the step-by-step guide on how the Platform Admin can create skill template.

  1. Log on to VoiceWorx platform. On the left navigation menu, click on “Custom Apps” and select “App Blueprints”.

  2. The list displays app blueprints created by platform admins. These templates are available across the platform irrespective of the organization. These templates refer to a fully functional custom app, which the users can replicate on their systems with only few clicks.

  1. The selection dropdown on the top right corner is the categories of blueprints. Users can use the dropdown to explore the blueprints under several categories like healthcare, retail, service, insurance as well as third party enterprise application like Salesforce.

  2. Users can search the blueprints by their name using the search box above.

  3. Let us discuss the components of a blueprint.

    1. “1” represents Title of the blueprint

    2. “2” provides a short description on the app that the blueprint will create

    3. “3” on clicking “Learn more..”, users can view the expected conversation between the device/ channel and users, like this:

    1. “4” Users can create app by clicking on “Create App”.

  1. Click on Create App.

  1. Following message is received on successful creation of app.

  1. Users can access the imported app by clicking “View App”. Click on Select button and navigate through the components of the app: data source, methods, intents, slots, utterances, input and publish.

  1. If you were creating a custom app, you would be creating all of these component’s steps by step. But using App Blueprints, you can see that these components have automatically been created for you. You can check the components of the formed skill by navigating through the tabs.

  1. The user can make modifications on the newly created skill as per their requirement and publish to VoiceWorx supported communication channels. You can refer to this document for guidance on how to modify and publish a custom skill for Alexa. For Lex, you can refer this document.

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