Teams Lex Integration


Before continuing with this documentation, please ensure you have the following.

  1. Office 365 account and this account should be used in setting up the Voiceworx account

Teams Integration with VoiceWorx requires you to follow two steps:

  1. Create a Teams Bot in your Team Application

  2. Integrate VoiceWorx Custom App with your Teams Bot (with the help of Bot Id from Teams)

  3. Contact VoiceWorx support team to set up a dedicated channel to link up your VoiceWorx App and Teams Bot.

Signup to Teams with an office 365 account

  1. Search for teams on your system using the windows search bar

  2. Launch Teams

  3. Click on the Use Another Account or Sign-Up link

  1. Add your office 365 Email and password

  2. Once successfully signed in, search and install the VoiceWorx bot in Teams. Follow this document to create and publish a bot if it doesn’t exist already. To search click on the Apps button in Microsoft Teams landing area.

Add Team Publishing in Voiceworx Portal

  1. Login to the voiceworx platform using your account

  2. On the “Custom App” Tab, click on “Manage Apps”. If you do not have any custom app already in your platform, you can use this template to create one and continue with the following instructions. Follow this document on to create Custom Apps using a template.

  3. Search for the skill you want to connect to Teams and click Select

  1. Click on the Publish tab

  1. In the Publishing page, click on “Add new publishing”

  2. Fill/select values for the following fields.

    1. External Skill Name: Name of your skill

    2. Skill Type: Select “Search” from the dropdown.

    3. Channel: “Amazon Lex”

    4. Version: V2.

    5. Microsoft Teams Configuration: Enable the “Microsoft Teams Configuration” and add a teams bot ID. This should be a unique GUID. Teams Bot ID is a unique GUID that represents a bot in Microsoft Teams. Follow this document to create a Teams Bot and get the Bot Id.

    6. Fill in the Messages with appropriate values for your skill.

  1. Click on Save

  2. In the skills publishing page, click on publish to Lex

  1. Select the Lex publishing profile you will use for the publishing. If you don’t have a Lex account, please follow this documentation to set it up

  1. Click publish to Lex button.

  2. You will be presented with a publishing results page.

  3. If the publishing is successful, you will see a Successful status if not the appropriate error message for the failing step will be shown

Test the Teams Lex Integration

  1. Go to Microsoft Teams

  2. Select the “Voiceworx” bot.

  3. Click on "Chat”.

  4. Type a message that’s available in the Utterances of your skill.

Note: Please Note that you need to co-ordinate with VoiceWorx support team to create a dedicated setup for you to run your own custom app in the teams bot.

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