Lex Bot using Appointment Blueprint


This document aims at guiding users to create a skill and publish to Lex by using App Blueprints published by the platform admin.

Before starting, you should have an Amazon, and VoiceWorx account. For steps to create these accounts, click here, and here respectively.


  1. Create Appointment Booking app from Blueprint

  2. Publish App to Lex

  3. Test the bot

Create app from Blueprint

  1. Go to Apps.

  2. Then on App Blueprints.

  3. Search for Appointment Booking in the search bar.

Publish app to Lex

  1. Go to Publish Tab. You can now publish the App to multiple VoiceWorx supported channels. Here, we are going to publish the skill to Amazon Lex.

  1. Select the Amazon Lex account to publish the app, and click on ‘Publish to Lex V2’.

The publish process may take some time.

Congrats, you have successfully published a Lex bot.

Test the Lex Bot

You can directly test the Lex bot from VoiceWorx Portal.

  1. To test the skill, click on the Test Lex Bot in the above page.


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