ServiceNow : Create an account

To begin you need to create a developer account in the ServiceNow Developer Portal. Open a browser and go to “” and click “Sign up and Start Building

The page will redirect to ServiceNow Registration page. Fill all the required fields and click the “Sign Up” button.

The page will be refreshed with a Thank You message.

Next, you need to activate your registered account. Check the confirmation mail in the registered email address and click the “Verify Email” button.

After the button is clicked, a new tab opens to inform you that the account is activated. Click “Sign In”.

When you click the button, the login page for appears. Enter login credentials and “Sign In”.

Select from the option provided depending upon your requirement. For this demo purpose, we are going after Option 2.

After signing in, fill in the details and you should be good to start with ServiceNow. In previous versions, you had to create an instance and then proceed. ServiceNow automatically creates a default instance for you as soon as you sign in.

You shall receive a screen like this on instance creation completion. You can then proceed with ServiceNow developments.

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