Alexa Account Linking to VoiceWorx

Following steps will help you create a security profile on Amazon Developer Account and subsequently connect it to VoiceWorx.

Login with Amazon to create Security Profile:

Alexa Skill list page would be displayed. Click the user icon and select Settings.

Click the “Login with Amazon”.

Login with Amazon Console page would open in a new tab. Click the “Create a New Security Profile” button.

Fill all the required fields in the Security Profile Management page and click the Save button.

Security Profile is successfully created. Click the gear icon.

Click the “Web Settings” option.

Copy the Client ID and click the “Show Secret” button to copy the Client Secret. Paste it in a notepad to use it for voiceworx. Click the “Edit” button.

Fill the required fields as shown below and click the “Save” button.

Allowed Origins -

Allowed Return URLs -

Create Login with Amazon Admin Configuration in

Login into your VoiceWorx Account and click “Administration” left menu. Select “Connection Admin” submenu in Smartoffice homepage.

Click the “Admin Settings” button in Login with Amazon.

Paste the Client ID and Client Secret values from in the required fields and click the “Save” button.

The New Settings submitted successfully message appears. Click the “Integration” menu and click the “Connect Systems”.

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