VoiceWorx Zoom Chatbot User Guide


  1. Registration on VoiceWorx

The primary prerequisite for using VoiceWorx app in your Zoom account is that you need to have a registration on the VoiceWorx portal with the same email as your zoom ID.

If you already do not have an account, navigate to VoiceWorx portal and click on Register as a new user.

  1. Create Data Samples in VoiceWorx

VoiceWorx app is a simple Q&A chatbot that responds to users queries on the basis of a knowledge base maintained at VoiceWorx. You can create and maintain queries at VoiceWorx portal. These queries will serve as data source for the Zoom VoiceWorx app.

You can follow following steps to add supported queries.

  1. Login to VoiceWorx. At this point, it is assumed that you already have an account on VoiceWorx with the email same as your Zoom login email.

  2. On the left navigation, got to Content > Q&A.

  1. Click on Q&A button on top left corner to add a new query and its correct response. Here are few sample queries for you to add. On the Q&A response, you can add plain text, HTML, SSML along with multimedia like image and video.




Media URL

Where is the Taj Mahal located?

Taj mahal is in Agra, India.



Which is the largest country in the world?




  1. You can update the Q&A content with other query/ responses that you want the Zoom app to respond to.


Please follow the following steps to install the VoiceWorx chatbot for Zoom.

  1. Login to your Zoom Account

  2. Navigate to Zoom Marketplace.

  3. Search for VoiceWorx in the search bar.

  1. On successful addition of the bot to your Zoom account, an integration is automatically created between VoiceWorx portal and your Zoom account. Note: Make sure that your zoom account email is same email you registered with on VoiceWorx portal.

Installation for Test User

If you are a test user for the zoom chatbot, i.e., when the app is not already available on the Zoom marketplace, then the step to add VoiceWorx Zoom app to your Zoom account is slightly different.

The creator of the app has to provide you a testable URL which you can copy and paste in your browser to add the app to your Zoom account. Also, the creator must include your email in list of allowed users in their Zoom profile.


In case, you do not have a VoiceWorx registration yet, you will receive a message reminding you to register on VoiceWorx.

Once you register with VoiceWorx, you must remove the VoiceWorx app from your Zoom account and add it again. It is because, when you are adding the VoiceWorx app to your zoom account, an integration is formed between your Zoom account and your account on VoiceWorx portal. To make sure that the integration is successful, it is recommended that you add the app to Zoom account after your VoiceWorx registration is already completed.

If you received the welcome message titled ‘Welcome to VoiceWorx’ as shown above, it means that the VoiceWorx and Zoom account integration is already in place. Now on the bot, you can ask the queries that you prepared at VoiceWorx portal in the beginning on the ‘Message VoiceWorx’ section.

The bot shall provide answer that you had set in the VoiceWorx portal.


To uninstall the VoiceWorx app from your zoom account.

  1. Login to your Zoom account.

  2. Navigate to Zoom Marketplace.

  3. You have successfully removed the app from your account.

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