SalesForce: Connect to VoiceWorx

Connect your and Salesforce account

Open the “” URL in a new tab, enter your login credentials and click the “Log In” button.

Select the “Connect to SalesForce” button on the pre-built skill.

This will redirect you to Setup Salesforce integration with SmartOffice. Click the “Submit” button.

You are returned to the “ page to integrate SalesForce with SmartOffice. Click “Submit”.

Before creating a developer account, selecting “Submit” on this page would route you to the page to create one. Now that you have created a developer account, selecting the “Submit” button prompts SmartOffice to ask you to authorize your SalesForce account. So, click “Allow”.

SmartOffice will integrate with your SalesForce account, and you will see the message, “SmartOffice Connection to SalesForce CRM successful”.

Select the “Integration” menu and choose the “Connect System” option.

Test your Voiceworx and Salesforce connection

The page will display the SmartOffice integration with External System Connections. Click the “Test” button for the system named “SalesForce”.

This takes you to, “Test an Intent” window. Select a question from the listed options and click “Submit” to view the responses.

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