VoiceWorx: Basic Mode

Assemble and use your first digital intelligent assistant without any code


Let’s discuss an idea. I would love to have an AI assistant for my business, that would handle my customer requests whether through a chat, SMS or call. I also want the assistant to be ready as quickly as possible since there is bottleneck in my customer service and it’s impacting my business.

VoiceWorx ‘Create My Assistant’ could be the perfect solution to this scenario. VoiceWorx GPT Service Assistant 3.1 is an intelligent assistant powered by Generative AI that can be trained to support any business. Gather information on how you would want your customer representative to present your business, feed that information to VW GPT Service Assistant, and voila! You have your CR ready within minutes. Now test and train the assistant for more precise and accurate information as you would like.

What VoiceWorx GPT Service Assistant is?

It is an intelligent assistant powered by Generative AI. It is a template that can be trained to behave in the way you define.

What can I expect from it?

It can respond to your customers via chat, SMS or call. It also supports digital human and digital human on Kiosk mode, providing the users with a human interaction like experience rather than just chat.

Is programming knowledge required for this?

No, you just give information on how you want to present your representative. It feeds on your input to mimic the behaviour, speaking style and personality. It answers to customer queries being based on the data sources you’ve asked it to refer to.

Will I be able to track who interacted with my assistant?

Yes, you can get a quick summary on number of interactions, number of interactions today, total follow ups as well as the chat history. You could use these interactions to determine whether the assistant is giving desired responses. And if not, you can use these metrices to better train it.

Now, let’s look at step-by-step process on easily you can prepare a fully functional assistant within a matter of minutes. To make this process smooth, we suggest that you prepare these things beforehand.

a. Name of the assistant (what you think would be a best identification for the bot)

b. Your Business Details

· Name

· General Introduction

· Address

· Contact (Phone and SMS)

c. Your Services and Products (Optional)

d. Business Hours

e. FAQs

f. Your Assistant Personality (This would define the personality of the assistant. You could use examples like ‘You are very friendly to customers, you try to base your responses on facts and figures, you are not biased’ etc.) Basically, you are shaping the personality of the bot

g. A goodbye message

h. Training materials: This could be websites, documents, you want the bot to use as data pool for answering customer queries.

If you’ve gathered these, you should be able to thoroughly follow the steps below and have your first assistant ready in no time.


a. You need to have a VoiceWorx account for this. Register here if you don’t already have one.

b. Login to VoiceWorx . Click on Add a New Assistant.

User Guide

c. This takes you to VoiceWorx Blueprint Library, which is a collection of templates that you can use to create ready to use AI Apps.

d. You can explore about the possibilities here. But for now, let’s focus on creating the GPT Service Assistant. On the search bar, type ‘GPT Service Assistant’.

e. Click on Create App. Fill the details as you proceed.

f. Once you’ve filled business details, click on Next to enter about your services and products.

g. Provide information on your business hours and FAQs.

h. While setting the assistant details, you can describe the persona of your assistant like ‘I am friendly, I actively listen to customer queries, I provide accurate and latest information’ etc. You can also configure Welcome and Goodbye messages.

i. After these setups, another important step is training. You are basically providing a knowledge pool which the assistant will base its responses on. You could provide web URLs or just plain documentation.

j. Now click on Save, and just like that you created a working digital intelligent assistant.

k. You will also receive email notification when the assistant is ready.


Your assistant is now ready to use. So, let’s explore how and where you can use this.

Web chat

Active the chat feature. You’ll have now option to ‘Chat Now’ and ‘Manage’. On clicking ‘Chat Now’, a pop-up window will occur that allows you to experience how the assistant interacts with your customers.

No deployment required; no additional setup required; you can instantly test your assistant within VoiceWorx and determine if it is ready to be launched for official use.

You can either share a Direct Chat Link or you can embed it in your website as a Chat Widget. Click on Manage to find the URL to share and Chat Widget Code to paste in your website.

You can also define domain restriction rules like ‘Show widget only on specific domain and/or URLs’.

Digital Avatar:

To break the monotonous chat interactions and provide some sense human like interactions, VoiceWorx also supports Digital Human mode. This feature is also suitable for those who prefer hands free voice interactions; eliminating the need to type and read everything.

To use this, click on Activate for ‘Digital Human’.

Then Enable Digital Human Feature.

VW supports a bunch of Digital Human personas, you can select what fits the best for you. Determine the voice and language.

You can even select the working voice and speaking style . Provide a sample text and test how the digital human sounds .

You also have options to control whether you want to show this digital human on the chat screen.

Audio/ Mic controls can also be controlled on the chat screen.

Once you’ve set this up, you can click on Save and test the Digital Human in chat.

Click on Chat Now. Your previous chat screen will now look something like this.

Another interesting feature you can use is use of Kiosk controls. Click on Enable Kiosk controls to activate this. Now save and Chat, your chat screen now appears like this.

You can Tap to talk and interact with the assistant.

In these few simple steps, you can have a personalised, customized assistant in no time.

For customers that are available only via call/ SMS, you can opt for Call/Text feature.

Call / Text

VW Gen AI Assistant supports SMS/ Call based on Twilio. Activate and set the Twilio number, and your customers will be able to access this assistant by calling/ texting the given phone number.

Your assistant is now available over Call/ SMS as well.

Administrative Purpose

VW enables you to view chat history, logs of interaction with the assistant. You can view summary of the total number of interactions, the interactions today , total follow ups .

Chat history can be accessed from the top right menu.

You can have multiple assistants deployed. Hence, you can filter chat history by your assistant and by date range.

By now, we hope you’ve successfully created and tested your digital assistant. Feel free to reach out to VoiceWorx at voiceworx.ai to discuss more possibilities.

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