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This document will help you to use a template to create a Q&A Skill for Amazon Alexa using the VoiceWorx platform.

Before setting up a Q&A skill, you should have an Amazon, Alexa and VoiceWorx account. For steps to create these accounts, click here, here, and here respectively. Next, you need to have you Amazon security profile setup. For detailed steps to do this, click here.


  1. Import Q&A App template

  2. Publish App to Alexa

  3. Activate skill

  4. Test the skill

Import Q&A App Template

Download the following template file content, copy and it in notepad and save as a json file.

Example Q&A template

  1. Go to ‘Custom Apps’ and select ‘Manage Templates’.

  2. Click on Import Template.

  1. Import the downloaded template from step 1. Provide template Name and Click on Save.

  2. After the template has been successfully imported, you can see it in the Managed App– Templates list.

  1. You can now click on ‘Create Skill’ button to create skill using the imported template.

  1. Fill up App Name, a short description of the app (optional) and click on ‘Create App’.

  1. You can expect following message after successful app creation. Click on View App to view the newly created App.

  1. Clicking on View App leads to the list of Custom Apps, select on our newly created QA Skill.

Publish skill to Alexa

  1. Go to Publish Tab. You can now publish the App to multiple VoiceWorx supported channels. Here, we are going to publish the skill to Amazon Alexa.

  1. Select the Amazon LWA account to publish the skill, and click on ‘Publish to Alexa’.

  1. Following success message shall appear.

Test the Skill using Simulator

Click on Go to Alexa Skill in Step 11 or Login to “” and choose the link “Alexa”.

Click on the menu “Skill Builders” and select the option “Developer Console”.

Click the “QA Skill” in the skill list page.

Click the “Test” menu.

Click the “Allow” to access your microphone.

Change the option to “Development” for the Enabled skill to Test.

Begin the test by invoking the skill by saying “voiceworx assistant” and then enter the following questions created by the skill. Note: The skill contains answers to only the questions provided below.

  • What is the capital of France?

  • Where is the Taj Mahal located?

  • What is the largest country in the world?

  • Which is the largest state in the US?

  • Which planet is nearest to the Earth?

You can say ‘Goodbye’ to exit

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