Survey App Test on Lex


This document will help you use the Survey App feature of the VoiceWorx platform to create a Lex bot app.


The following shows the general steps/activities that will be carried out in setting up the survey app. Note: It is advisable to use same email for signup across the 3 channels below. Step 1 -3 below are required.

  1. Sign up for AWS account and create an Administrator User

  2. Ensure you Login with Amazon Lex account setup by your admin. If you are the account admin, you can follow this instruction to set it up.

  3. Setup Survey Content

  • Create New Survey Content

  • Design the Survey Content

  • Test the Survey Content

  • Schedule the Survey Content

  1. Setup Survey App

  2. Publish Survey App on Lex

  3. Test App on Lex.

Setup Survey Content

Login to the VoiceWorx portal at

  1. The first step to create a Survey App is design Survey content. To Configure Survey, on the Content menu, Click on ‘Survey’.

Survey home page will be displayed. To create a new Survey, follow the steps.

Create New Survey Content

  1. Provide following details in the Add Survey dialog box:

Survey name :<Any Name>

Survey logo: Optional

Description: <Any Description>

Restrict Survey Custom Bot: Fill this field only if the Survey has to be restricted to a certain app.

Require Schedule: Enable / Check the box.

Status: Open

Date Open: <No next date>

Date Expire: <No previous date>

Click: Save

  1. The Survey is created and displayed in the Survey list page.

Design the Survey Content

  1. Click “Design” to create a Design Survey for newly created Survey.

  1. Choose the type of question needed from the Survey Designer by drag and drop the control.

  1. Click the Edit icon to change the question and answer and then click “close”.

  1. To create another question of the same type you can also click the Add (+) and to delete a question click the Remove (x) icon. Once the survey designer page is complete, click “Save” and “Exit”.

Test the Survey Content

  1. Click “Test” to run the survey content.

  1. ChatBot opens with a welcome message. To begin the chat, use the command “take survey”. The ChatBot provides the option to start all the available surveys. Invoke the survey as per the provided suggestion in ChatBot. If you are not the creator of the Survey, you might receive following messages.

The message “The survey has been closed by your administrator”, It occurs because the Survey is not live yet. Let us now finish the additional setup so that other users can participate in the survey. Survey has 3 statuses basically:

    1. Open: Survey is created and is under design, so the users cannot access survey yet.

    2. Closed: Survey is now closed. Survey status is changed to Closed after the scheduled time period.

    3. Live: The participants now participate in the Survey.

Schedule the Survey Content

  1. VoiceWorx supports a parameter “Require Schedule” for survey, which determines whether the Survey is available for anyone or requires invitation from the Admin to be able to participate in the Survey.

Require Schedule: Checked, only invited employees, for whom the Survey has been scheduled can participate. Invited employees can participate in the survey over the scheduled time period only.

Require Schedule: Unchecked, anyone in the organization can participate in the Survey.

  1. For this document, we are demonstrating the Require Schedule: True scenario. Enable the “Require Schedule” field and click “Update”.

  1. Click “Schedule” to create Survey Schedule.

  1. Click “Launch Survey”.

  1. The Survey Status would change to “Live”.

  1. Now, we have to invite the employees for participating in Survey. In an organization, we can schedule this survey for every employee. Using the left navigation menu click “Administration” and then click the “Invite Users”.

  1. Complete all the fields with the details of the employees and click “Send Invite”.

  1. The invited user would be listed in “Manage User Invitations”. Repeat the same to invite another user.

  1. Using the left navigation menu click “Content” then and select “Survey”.

  1. Click “Schedule”.

  1. Click “Schedule New Employee”.

  1. Select the name of the employee for the “Employee name” dropdown field, the end date of survey and click “Save”.

Setup Survey App

  1. To create a survey app, use the navigation menu on the left and select “Custom Apps” then select “Manage Apps” then click on “Create New Custom App”.

  1. A popup screen will appear as shown below.

  1. Add Custom Skill by doing the following:

Name: Survey Test

Custom Skill Type: Survey

Category: None

Click: Save.

  1. You should see the screen as shown below:

Publish to Lex

  1. To publish to Lex, in the top menu tabs select “Publish” then click “Add Skill Publishing”.

  1. Provide following inputs and Click on Save.

External Skill Name: Survey Test. (This will be the name of the skill in Alexa. Therefore, make it unique and different from the names of your other skills in Alexa.)

Skill Type: Survey

Channel: Amazon Lex

Version Lex V1

Uncheck the following: Require account linking, Auto Publish

Optional: Replace all placeholder values in all “Message”. Uncheck all the settings shown in the second image below.

Messages: Welcome, Welcome Back, Re-prompt, Help, Goodbye and Fallback messages shall be auto-populated. You can edit them if they are not populated or do not meet your requirements.

Click: Save.

  1. On Skill Publishings Page, click “PUBLISH TO LEX” .

  1. Once in Publish Skill to Amazon Lex, select and do the following:

Selected Skill: Survey Skill

External Skill Name: Survey Skill

Select Amazon Lex Account: LWA Config

Select the Amazon Lex account setup by your admin or the one you set up in step 4 above.

Click: Publish to Lex.

  1. If the Amazon Lex Account has not been setup, you can configure it using ‘Add New Lex Account’ button and proceed.

  2. On the resulting screen, ensure that a success message shows for the publishing steps before clicking the “GO TO LEX SKILL”. If success message not shown, click “GO TO SKILL PUBLISHING” to fix any issue shown in publishing result.

  1. On Lex Page, click “Test Chatbot” link on the right side of page as shown below:

  1. Invoke skill by typing “take survey” and the lex response will appear as shown below. Follow the instructions accordingly.


You have successfully completed building a Survey App Test on Lex.

Note: Keywords “Skill” and “App” are used interchangeably.

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