Alexa QA Skill using Blueprint


This document aims at guiding users to create a QA skill and publish to Lex by using QA Lex Blueprint.


  1. Create QA Alexa app from Blueprint

  2. Publish App to Alexa

  3. Test the skill

  4. Configure Q&A for the Skill

Create QA Alexa app from Blueprint

  1. Go to Apps.

  2. Then on App Blueprints.

  3. Select the QA Alexa blueprint in the Getting Started section.

Publish skill to Alexa

  1. Go to Publish Tab. You can now publish the App to multiple VoiceWorx supported channels. Here, we are going to publish the skill to Amazon Alexa.

  1. Select the Amazon LWA account to publish the skill, and click on ‘Publish to Alexa’.

Congrats, you have successfully published an Alexa skill.

Test the Skill using Simulator

  1. To test the skill using simulator, click on the Go to Alexa Skill button from the above page.

  2. Begin the test by invoking the skill by saying “Voiceworx assistant” and then enter the following questions created by the skill. Note: The skill contains answers to only the questions provided below.

    1. What is the capital of France?

    2. Where is the Taj Mahal located?

    3. What is the largest country in the world?

    4. Which is the largest state in the US?

    5. Which planet is nearest to the Earth?

You can say “Goodbye” to exit the skill.

Congrats, you can now use the QA skill from any Alexa enabled devices.

Configure Q&A for the Skill

You can find and configure the questions supported by Q&A Skill in the Q&A menu of the Content in VoiceWorx portal.

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