Account Linking Setup

Part 1: Enable Account Linking in Voiceworx Portal

Assumptions: To complete account linking you need to have set up an account in the Voiceworx and created a skill in the Voiceworx portal. To learn how to set up skills in the Voiceworx platform you can follow this documentation.

  1. Login to Voiceworx portal at

  2. On the menu go to Custom Apps -> Manage Apps. Click on the App for which you need to setup Account Linking. If you do not have any apps ready, you can follow this document to create app in VoiceWorx.

  1. After the App has been selected, following screen with all components of the app will display. Click on the Publish tab.

  1. Before heading to Alexa developer console, save this publish profile and publish to Alexa. You can again follow this document for assistance in publishing to Alexa.

Part 2: Login with Amazon to create Security Profile

  1. Go to and login with the same Amazon Account the app has been published to in step 5. Click on Developer Console.

  1. On the resulting screen, Click on Login with Amazon.

  1. Login with Amazon Console page would open in a new tab. Click the “Create a New Security Profile” button.

  1. Fill all the required fields in the Security Profile Management page and click the Save button.

  1. Security Profile is successfully created. Click the gear icon and click on web settings

  1. In the web settings page, fill the following fields as shown below and click the “Save” button.

Allowed Origins -

Allowed Return URLs

  1. Note the Client ID and Client Secret from Step 11 for later use.

  1. Go and select the skill that needs account linking

  1. Select Models tab

  1. Click on the Account Linking Tab

  1. In the resulting page enable account linking by clicking the “Do you allow users to create an account or link to an existing account with you?” toggle

  1. Set Auth Grant as the authorization type and fill in the following.

    1. Your Web Authorization URI:

    2. Your Client ID: This is the client Id shown in the security profile created in step 10 above. Example- amzn1.application-oa2-client.2ec922f2fbfa435433892

    3. Your Secret: Click on show secret in the Security Profile page as shown in step 10. Copy and paste the secret here

    4. Your Authentication Scheme: Http Basic

    5. Scope: Click on add new Scope and type in “profile”

    6. Domain List:,

    7. Default Token Expiration Time : 80420

Note: You also need to add these Redirect URLs to your Allowed Return URLs in your Amazon Security Profile.

  • Scroll up and click save.

  1. Go to, login and click on Skills

  1. On the Skills page, click on the Your Skills button

  1. Search the name of the skill you want to enable account linking on. Select the skill.

  2. Click on Enable Skill

  1. This will open the Login with Amazon page. Insert your username and password and press login

  2. If your login details are correct, you will be presented with a success screen.

  3. You can now try invoking the skill from your Alexa device and Alexa developer console.

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