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This guide will help you to understand the shared app and personalized data source feature of the VoiceWorx platform.

The purpose is to demonstrate how easy it is to create app just once by one member of the organization and re-use it by other members of the same organization with their personalized connection or data.


There are not special prerequisites to use this feature.

  1. A VoiceWorx Account

For steps to create a VoiceWorx account, follow the steps at

  1. An account in third party services like Salesforce or SharePoint. For demonstrate purpose, this document will focus on Salesforce only. You should have an active Salesforce account as this integration will require you to do login with your Salesforce account.

If you do not have a Salesforce account, you can create a free trial account by visiting and click “TRY FOR FREE

You can follow this document for additional guidance on Salesforce setup.


To proceed with these steps, you should have all the pre-requisites satisfied. If you are missing any of them, please go back and make sure you have all the things as mentioned in above pre-requisites section.

Once done, you are ready to get started using VoiceWorx platform with Salesforce.

Step 1 Connect to Salesforce

Login to the VoiceWorx portal at

  1. Login to the VoiceWorx portal at The first step to create a Salesforce Custom Skill is : connecting VoiceWorx to your Salesforce account. On the left navigation, under Integration menu, click on Connect System. Click on Add New Connection.

  1. On the resulting Connect External System form, fill out the following details, and click on ‘Connect System’.

Integration Category: Custom

System Type: SalesforceCustom

System Instance Name : Salesforce Demo

Note: If a SalesForce Account is running on customer domain tick “Use Custom Domain” checkbox and provide the custom domain URL. Also, if Sandbox account is used then tick “Sandbox” checkbox.

Once you click on “Connect System” button, you will be redirected to the SalesForce login page as shown below. Enter your username and password and click on “Login” button.

Once you are logged in, Salesforce might show a screen with permissions options, allow it. You will be redirected to the VoiceWorx platform with a success screen as shown below.

Now, you have successfully integrated Salesforce with the VoiceWorx platform.

  1. Now Salesforce has been successfully integrated with the VoiceWorx platform. Now, click “Return to Integration Configuration” to return to the connections page. SalesforceCustom will appear in the list as shown below.

Step 2 Create an App for the Salesforce

To create a skill, browse to Custom Apps > Manage Apps and click on Create New Custom Skill button, you should see a small popup screen as shown below. Make sure you select the option to make skill Shared. By checking this tick box, you are allowing this app to be shared with all other members of your organization.

Note: For the purpose of this document, it is required to make the app Shared by selecting the checkbox.




You can give any value of your choice.

Custom Skill Type

Select Search


This is optional, you can select None and proceed.

Shared checkbox

As mentioned on the screen,

If you select it, the skill will be shared to all the members of the organization.

Click on save, this will create an app and you should see a screen as shown below,

Step 3 Create a Data Source

To follow this step, make sure you have completed above Step 2. If not please go back and do it.

A Data Source connects the app with the integration. On the Data Sources tab, “Create New Data Source”.

  1. The following popup screen will appear, add following details and click on Save.

Name: Salesforce DataSource

Integration Configuration:Select Salesforce Integration Config created in Step 2.

Once a data source is created, you are ready to start creating various methods.

Step 4 Create Methods to fetch the data from Salesforce

Now it’s time to create one or more methods to use the data source that we just created.

Method creation is not part of the scope of this document; however, you can refer to the salesforce documentation for detailed information on this step.

Step 5 Access the shared app from another account

Now it’s time to create one or more methods to use the data source that we just created.

Login to the VoiceWorx platform by another user’s account of the same organization. Refer to this document to learn how an employee can be invited to the VoiceWorx platform and registered under the same organization.

The Salesforce Shared App created in previous steps shall be available from this new account as well.

Navigate to Custom Apps > Manage Apps

To select the skill, click on Select button for the that SalesforceCustom skill and the skill should get selected.

Note: When you are accessing a shared skill which is created by someone else in your organization, you will not see any option to edit or delete the skill.

Step 6 Create a connection and Data Source to use the shared skill

When creating a shared skill, a person might want to share the app, but prefer having a segregated data source. For that, the user has to define the data source as a personalized data source while building the app data source.

Now, when the user with whom the skill has been shared, tries to use the app, they will see small informative section as shown below in blue background.

On this screen, the VoiceWorx platform has detected that you are using a shared skill, which is created by someone else in your organization. The skill is using a personalized data source and you do not have any connection matching to it.

The green button helps to create a new required connection. When you click on that button, a new connection will be created. In this example, it will be a salesforce custom connection.

Once a connection is crated, you will get a success screen as shown below.

Click on “Go to Custom Apps” button so you will be redirected back to the skills and you can select the same App.

Now, you should get option to create a Data Source using the newly created connection – as shown in below screenshot.

When you click on the above button, you will get a “Create DataSource” screen as shown below, just enter the Name and save. You can define the data source as personalized if you do not wan to share the data source with others.

This will create a Data Source using the required connection. Once done you are ready to use the skill.

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