Survey Skill


This document will help you use the Survey Skill feature of the VoiceWorx platform to create an Alexa skill app.

Before setting up a Survey skill, you should have an Amazon Developer, and VoiceWorx account.


I. Survey Skill for Voiceworx Admin

SmartOffice offers to configure skill and allows you to enable test with your enterprise data. So now, you need to create your own skill and integrate to external data source an API. Choose the Survey Skills and click on “Setup Survey skill”.

Survey Skill home page will be displayed. You need to create a new Survey Skill now. Follow the steps.

Create New Survey Skill

This page would display the Survey Skill list. Initially, the list would be empty. But your purpose is to create a new Survey skill. So, click the Add New Survey button.

Once clicked, a pop-up window appears. You need to fill the required fields,

Survey name :<Any Name> Survey logo : optional Description :<Any Description> Restrict Survey Custom Bot : Select the Skill name Require Schedule : Enable / Check the box. Status : Open Date Open :<No next date> Date Expire :<No previous date> Click on the button “Save”.

A Survey is created and displayed in the Survey list page.

Design the Survey Skill

Click the “Design” button to create a Design Survey for ‘feed back’ survey.

Choose the type of question needed from the Survey Designer by drag and drop the control.

Click the Edit icon to change the question and answer and then click the “close” button.

To create another question of the same type you can also click the Add (+) and to delete a question click the Remove (x) icon. Once the survey designer page is complete, click the “Save” and “Exit” buttons.

Test the Survey Skill

Click the “Test” button to run the survey skill.

ChatBot opens with a welcome message. To begin the chat, use the command “take survey <SurveyName>” and then answer the survey Questions.

Schedule the Survey Skill

In an organization, we can schedule this survey for every employee. Click the “Administration” left menu and then click the “Invite Users” submenu.

Click the “Invite New User” button.

Fill all the fields with the details of the employees and click the “Send Invite” button.

The invited user would be listed in “Manage User Invitations”. Repeat the same for to invite another user.

Click the “Content” left menu and select “Survey” submenu.

Click the “Edit” button.

Enable the Require Schedule field and click the Update button.

Click the “Schedule” button to create Survey Schedule.

Click the “Launch Survey” button.

The Survey Status would change to “Live”.

Click the “Schedule New Employee” button.

Select the name of the employee for the “Employee name” dropdown field, the end date of survey and click the “Save” button.

II. Survey Skill for Voiceworx Invited Users

All the invited users / employee would receive invitation to the email address from the organization admin.

Employees must accept the invitation and register in using the same email address.

A confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address. Click the link “here” in the confirmation email.

The redirected page informs the user that the email address is confirmed and provides “Click here” link to login to “

For confirmed user, a new tab displays the login page, Enter the login credentials and click the “Log in” button.

Click “Contents” menu and select the “Survey” submenu.

Check if the Survey Status is Open/Live and then click the “Test” button to take the survey.

The employee/invited user must use the command “list my survey” and/or “take survey <surveyname>” in the Chatbot to begin the survey. Then answer the questions created by the administrator and take up the survey.

Results and Summary of Survey Skill

Login once again with the organization Admin account to Click the “Content” side menu and select the “Survey” submenu.

Click the “Schedule” button to view the status of the Survey.

The Survey Status would be changed from “pending” to “completed”.

Click the back arrow in the browser and then click the “Results” button to view the Survey Results of the employee.

The Survey Result page displays the Result Summary of the each respondent/surveyee. Click the “View Result” button to see the result details.

View the Survey Result of the selected employee/invited user in the pop-up box and then click the “Cancel” button.

After all the invited users have completed the survey, click the “Survey Summary” button.

View the Survey Summary in the pop-up box and then click the “Close” button.

Click the “Close Survey” button to change the Survey status from “Live” to “Close”.

III. Connect Survey Skill to Alexa

Use the same Admin account to create another survey (“feed again” as shown in the picture).

Drag and drop to create survey questions and then click “Save” and “Exit” buttons.

Import Alexa Skill in

Select the Amazon Alexa service to interact with the voiceworx’s Q&A skill. Click the “Alexa” link.

The page would redirect to Amazon Alexa. Click the “Skill Builders” from the top menu and select the “Developer Console”.

Alexa Skill list page would be displayed. Click the “Create Skill” button.

Fill the required field as mentioned below and click the “create skill” button.

Skill name : <AnyName> Default Language : English (US) Choose Skill model : Custom Choose Backend Resource : Provision your own

Select the template “Start from scratch” and click the “Choose” button.

Alexa developer console homepage will be displayed. Click the “Invocation” left menu.

Enter any name for Skill Invocation click the “Save Model” button.

Click the “Endpoint” left menu.

Next, you must host your created skill’s service endpoint. Select the option “HTTPS” and fill the Default Region as and choose the SSL Certificate Type as “My development endpoint is a subdomain of a domain that has a Wildcard Certificate from certificate authority”.

Click the “Save Endpoints” button. You will receive a message “Skill Manifest Saved Successfully”.

Click on “JSON EDITOR” at the left menu.

Click the “Drag and drop .json file” upload link.

Go to the “Survey Alexa Custom Skill Export.json” file location, select it and click the “Open” button. (See Appendix A-1)

Click the “Save Model” button.

Right click on “Your Skills” at the top menu, to open in a new tab and click on the view Skill ID.

A pop-up box would display the skill id. Copy it to notepad for future use.

Restore Custom Skill Templates in

Click the “Custom Skill” menu and then click the “Restore Templates” submenu.

Click the “Choose File” button to load the Survey Skill.

Select the Survey Skill template file (See Appendix A-2).

Click the “Restore Template” button.

Survey Skill would be successfully restored to your account. Click the “View Skill” button.

Click the “Select” button available next to the Survey Skill.

Click the “Publish” tab.

Click the “Edit” button.

Copy the Skill ID from the notepad and paste it for the External Skill ID field and then click the “Save” button.

Test the Survey Skill in Alexa Simulator

Open a new tab for and choose the “Alexa” link.

Click “Skill Builders” and select the option “Developer Console”.

Use your login credentials to test at “”.

Choose the created skill “Survey Skill”.

Click “Test” from the top navigation.

Click “Allow” button to access your microphone.

Set the option to “Development” for the enabled skill to Test.

Invoke the Survey Skill using the Skill Invocation name.

View the Survey Skill in Voiceworx Admin

Check the survey results in Voiceworx account by clicking the “Results” button.

The Results details would be displayed. Click the “View Results” button.

The Survey Results would be displayed.


Below are two files required to import the “Survey Skill” in and

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