Custom App Series - Step 2 - Creating a Connection


This document will demonstrate how to set up a custom connection to an external WebAPI endpoint.

Introduction to API

The VoiceWorx platform can integrate with external platform via web API’s and to demonstrate this capability, we have created a demo API endpoint ( in our demo web app “”. We created multiple API endpoints for Contacts module and will be using the endpoint that searches an underlying Contacts database and returns the contact number of a specific person.

The demo web app that we created has the ability to perform CRUD operations against the underlying Contacts database that is triggered by calls to the exposed contact API’s in

Web App URL :

Contact Finder:{Name}

Here is a sample contact in the database.


Our goal will be on how to setup a custom connection to an external web API endpoint using basic authentication and check if the connection is validated. Note: the example uses Basic Authentication so username/passwords to the external resource is required.


To be able to set up a custom connection in the Voiceworx platform, it is mandatory to first sign up on the Voiceworx platform. To sign up, please go to this link here. Set up connection to the external web API

Set up connection to the external web API

  1. Login to the VoiceWorx platform, use left navigation menu and click “Integration” then select “Connect System”. In the resulting page, click “Connect External Systems”.

  1. In “Connect External System” select or do the following:

Select Integration Category: Custom

Select System Type: Rest API Service

Click: Connect System.

  1. Once in “Rest API Service Setup” select or enter the following:

System Instance Name: ContactFinder

Authorization Type: Basic Auth

Add Web API URL:

Under Basic Auth Settings

Enter: Username and Password

Click: Validate System to ensure you have access to the web API endpoint.

Click on Validate System and Click on Save after the connection is validated.

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