SalesForce Managed Skill


This document will help to connect your Alexa account to Salesforce in 10 Minutes using Voicework.AI platform.


  • An active SalesForce Developer Account

Activate SalesForce Developer account as this integration will require a login to a SalesForce account.

If an account is currently not active follow the steps below:

  1. Go to and click “Signup”. The screen below will appear. Fill out the relevant details and complete the registration process.

  1. Once registration is complete, login with the credentials to The home page will appear.

  • A VoiceWorx Account

To create a VoiceWorx account follow this link.


To proceed with these steps all pre-requisites must be satisfied. If something is missing, please go back to ensure all are fulfilled.

Once done, let’s get started using VoiceWorx platform with SalesForce.

Step 1 Connect to Salesforce

Login to the VoiceWorx portal at

After login to “”, the SmartOffice homepage will be displayed. Click “Connect to SalesForce”.

After connecting to salesforce, the login page for SalesForce will appear. Enter username and password and login.

Once logged in, the following screen may appear with permission options, please allow it. This will redirect to the VoiceWorx platform with a success screen as shown below.

This confirms the integration of Salesforce and the VoiceWorx platform is successful.

Step 2 Run your test on Alexa app

  1. Download and Install Amazon Alexa App on mobile device via the apple store. Search for “Alexa” in the pp store or visit this link -

  2. Launch the Amazon Alexa companion app on mobile phone. If prompted to log in, sign in with your login UserName and Password (This email address must be the same used to register at

  3. Visit the “Skills & Games” section on the dropdown menu at the top left section of the Alexa App.

  4. Search for "Sales Force" skill and select it from the list.

  5. Click "ENABLE TO USE" to activate the skill for use on your account.

  6. To test the Salesforce skill, press & hold the round Alexa button at the center bottom of the app screen and say "Alexa, open Sales Force".

  7. The skill should respond with "Welcome to Sales Force Assistant. How can I help you?".

  8. Test SalesForce intents by trying the following commands:

      • Say "Check my sales briefing". This should give a summary of your sales opportunities.

      • Say "List my open Opportunities". This should list the top opportunities with an open status.

      • Say "List my opportunities in stage Closed Won". This should list the top opportunities with a Closed Won status.

      • Say "Good bye" to exit the Sales Demo skill.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed building

The SalesForce Managed Skill.

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