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The objective of this document is to assist users create app template, export them and import the template.


VoiceWorx allows importing and exporting the custom-made apps in the form of templates, so that users can share their apps across platform accounts and organizations. It allows users to share app, for example, one IT personnel can create the app and can share it to all users across the organization. App Templates save time and prevents task repetition as well. We proceed with the assumption that the user already has a VoiceWorx platform account and has at least one fully built custom app.


The following is a step-by-step guide on how to create an app template.

  1. On the left navigation menu, click on “Custom Apps” and select “Manage Templates”. Then click “Create New Template”.

  1. Following screen shall appear. In the “Name” Custom Apps drop down list it contains all the custom apps available in your account. Select the app needed to create a template. Select the app, provide a name to the template, and description (optional).

  1. The checklists like API Datasource, API Methods etc. allows the decision for the skill features to be included in the template. For example, if the skill does not contain APL Contents, uncheck all the boxes. By default, all of the boxes are selected. Click “Create Template” after you make the necessary corrections.

  1. The following prompt will appear after successful template creation. Then click “Manage Templates” to view the recently created app template.

  1. The app template can now be edited or deleted. An App Template can be used to create App or share the App with other users.

  2. The user can export the template by clicking the “Export” button. The app template is exported as a json file, which can be shared to other platform users. The recipient can import the json file and a replica of the custom App Template “QA Skill Template” will be created on their account.

  1. Once the json file “QA Skill Template.json” is shared to other users, the users can follow following step to import the template and create a full-functioning App using it.

  2. This step onwards is directed for importing the template, creating app and then publishing it to different channels.

  3. On the left navigation, go to “Manage Templates” menu under “Custom Apps”, and click on “Import Template.

  1. On the Import Template screen, click “Choose File”. A dialog box opens, select the json file from Step 7, provide a Template Name, add description (optional) and click on ‘Save’.

  1. A new template shall be created, which can now be shared or used for creating app.

  1. Now let’s explore Creating App using the imported Template. Click on Create Skill as shown in step 11. Provide App Name, selected template is the template being used (read-only field), add description (optional). The items in the checkboxes are the components of the app that you can check/ uncheck depending upon your requirement. If you want the same app as the one that has been exported, you shall leave if checked (default).

Click on ‘Create App’ after filling out the details.

  1. On Success, you shall receive a similar screen with the success message as shown below.

To explore the recently created app, click on ‘View App’.

  1. This App is the exact copy of the app that was shared to you. Hence a user is saved from redundancy, time consumption and also team members with relatively lower technical expertise could also access the app easily.

  1. You can now explore the components of the app like ‘Data Source’, ‘Methods’, ‘Íntents’, ‘Slots’, ‘Slot Types’, ‘Utterances’, ‘Input’ and Entities. However, since the app was created using a functional App Template, these components are already taken care of when creating the app. Still, the user can make changes on the app as per their requirement. Or, the user can directly move towards the Publish tab, and proceed to publish the app to desired channel. You can find information on skill publishing here.

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